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Cité de l’Objet Connecté helps start-ups, micro- to medium-sized businesses and corporate companies every step of the way along their IoT projects, from the drawing board to the production line.
Connect to your ambitions in a place buzzing with creativity

Cité de l’Objet Connecté is a place for imagining and making the objects of tomorrow

A supportive environment that gets creative juices flowing.

2000 square metres of floor space to think big.

High-tech machinery to turn your idea into an object without wasting time.

A showroom to put every aspect of your creations in the spotlight.

Experts to guide you and introduce you to a network of high calibre contacts.

Spaces for working, meeting, making and creating – or whatever else you need.

Events that push the boundaries at the Cité de l'Objet Connecté.

9 January 2018
Cité de l'Objet Connecté au CES 2018

Retrouvez la Cité de l’Objet Connecté au CES 2018 de Las Vegas.


Du 9 au 12 janvier 2018 se tiendra le rendez-vous mondial de la tech : le Consumer Electronic Show 2018. Suivez Sandra et Emmanuelle à Las Vegas pour découvrir les dernières innovations via notre Twitter !

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