Create at your own pace

CityMaker gives you access to purpose-designed areas (office, meeting room, CAD platform) and the prototype unit so you can develop your product at your own pace.

Small machines

Prototype facilities, laser cutting, circuit board assembly, electronics lab, equipped workbenches and power tools.

Personal introduction

Training on how to use the machines and project assistance (2hrs of pre-analysis) when you arrive.


Access to an open-plan workspace to encourage cooperative discussion and private meeting rooms.


Two hours of individual coaching each week.

CAD platform

5 work stations with Altium and Solidworks licences.

3D printers

5 Ultimaker and 2 Formlabs.

Getting access to the Cité

Whether you’re a digital nomad or looking for a basecamp to work on your project, book your space at the Cité de l’Objet Connecté online now.

Grow your business in a growing region!

For each of these packages, the Cité de l’Objet Connecté can offer accommodation in Angers. Just 90 minutes from Paris, the decision-making capital, Angers is an ideal thriving economic structure for you to grow your business.