Fast-track to the future

Cité de l’Objet Connecté is an industrial innovation accelerator that offers support every step of the way to start-ups, micro- to medium-sized businesses and corporate companies looking to create connected devices. Faced with international competition and accelerated production cycles, the key to achieving innovative success hinges on pooling design, manufacturing and integration expertise.

A one-stop shop

This privately funded hub provides all the equipment and expertise that go into creating a smart device, all under one roof. Electronic hardware and software, and plastic manufacturing, mechanical and design resources are all in one place, saving time and speeding up innovation.

By consolidating all this expertise, Cité de l’Objet Connecté helps French Tech companies to fly their flag high, and makes Made in France a byword for technological excellence on the international stage.

Cité is a place where budding visionaries and professionals can join forces to turn ideas for the connected devices of the future into reality.

At the heart of an active ecosystem, the Cité offers entrepreneurs a comprehensive on-site service, ranging from accommodation* to being put in contact with retailers and investors. Our philosophy: “Get from the drawing board to the production line as fast as possible”.

* per their requirements