Cité de l’Objet Connecté, a joint endeavour.

« The Cité is a place where energies are concentrated to spark new ideas, so we can innovate together along every part of the new value chain for connected devices.”
Eric Carreel

Prestigious shareholders join forces to build a City of Connected Objects.

As an industry accelerator, the Cité delivers the fast growth solutions that innovative enterprises need, by:

  • reducing the time to market,
  • providing expertise, agility and innovation,
  • overcoming cost challenges.

Cité de l’Objet Connecté can fulfil these goals thanks to the support of its investors, a group of industry partners led by Eolane. Accordingly, Cité de l’Objet Connecté has an assembly of shareholders with an extensive scope of power, a Management Board and an Executive Committee. These dynamic forces can be divided into three different categories:

Industry players

éolane MecaresoPlanchesEcosysteme_COC_MoulAnjouIndustrieQowisio Indigo process thermoplastic cd plastPlanchesEcosysteme_COC_Hubert

Big names

m2ocity IMA_ProtectAir Liquide Pays de la loire développement Bouygues Docapost Harmonie MutuelleOrange

Public support

région Pays de la LoirebpiFrance DGE Angers French Tech French Tech Industrie du FuturPlanchesEcosysteme_COC_ALMVille d'AngersInvestissement d'avenir